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What Should You Wear?

Posted by elukasiewicz on April 25, 2021 at 9:35 AM

Things to think about when planning your session.

Is there a particular theme you are after? Do you like to be dressy or casual?  Are you displaying these photographs in your home on large prints and need to match a colour scheme?  I love photographing people in bohemian styles, vintage outfits, co ordinating family portraits done in relaxed clothes.  I really like the outfits at Old Navy,  they have cute things for reasonable prices or just look around in your closet. 

Different seasons have different colour tones and so should the outfits you choose.  Winter pictures look awesome with jeans,solid colour coats, co ordinating scarves and hats and boots!  A good winter palette is Grey, Black and Blue.

In spring and summertime the background is filled with greens and browns,  so I think solid colours like (Tan, Cream, Yellow) or (Brown, Purple and Cream),  you can swap out the bright colour I added in with any colour of your choice.  Adding in a pattern with similar colours on one of the people in your group is also visually pleasing. 

In autumn the background changes again and so your outfit choice should too.  Reds, oranges and yellow fill the parks,  my favourite autumn outfits include jeans, solid colour tops,  boots and cute jackets or sweaters.  Colour palettes include (Navy, Green, Tan) (Beige, Cream, Red)

Please be aware that clothes need to be wrinkle free because it really shows in photos, shoes should be clean,  no logos are worn, hair bands around wrists need to be removed, and excess tanner shows very orange in photos.  If you are going barefoot be aware of sock bands around ankles and to remove socks 1 hour before the session.  

The main goal is to co ordinate but not be too matchy matchy,  add the pops of colour with scarfs, earrings, shoes, necklaces and fun hats.  


I am linking my Pinterest board of ideas I found that may help you out.

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